Preparing you to Parent With Confidence!

Breastfeeding with Confidence

A 2 week series designed to prepare you for nursing your baby!

At ABQ Doulas  we know that breastmilk is considered the most natural and best way to feed a newborn. But we also know breastfeeding, pumping, storing, and all that goes with it, doesn’t always come naturally! Breastfeeding with Confidence  is a  2 week live, virtually based class that will teach you all about feeding your baby from birth to weaning. Sign up now to get off to a confident  start with your little one!

Class 1 – The Journey Begins

Myths and facts about breastfeeding, preparing yourself for baby, breastfeeding in the first few hours, feeding cues – how do you know when baby is hungry? Milk Transfer- what is it and how does it take place? Infant weight gain 



Class 2 –  The Adventure Continues

At home with baby- the first few weeks, nursing positions, beyond the first few weeks, pumping and storing, trouble shooting and more!

Sign up now for fall and winter sessions!

New classes begin September 20, November 5 and February 11

Currently all breastfeeding classes are held on Thursdays at 7:00 to 8:30 pm Mountain time.

COST: $45 for 2 class series.  Need based scholarships available.

Call  505-274-1540 or email us at for more information.