Birthing with Confidence Virtual Class

ABQ Doulas Birthing with Confidence live, video-based, class will prepare you for childbirth through fun activities, slides, videos and demonstrations. Discover the amazing process that will deliver your baby into your arms with the most current, evidence-based information on labor & childbirth.  Suitable for Moms choosing home, hospital or a birth center births. We support every kind of birth choices Moms make, from a hospital birth with an epidural, to a homebirth in the water, & everything in between. Our goal is that you complete your class feeling confident in your ability to birth your baby, your way.

Class 1 – The Basics

Late pregnancy, hormones of labor, birth as a normal process, the mind body connection in labor, stages & phases of birth, informed choice in birth, choosing your provider & birth location. Introduction to comfort measures & pregnancy exercises

Class 2 – Diving Deeper

Pain theory & birth, birth preferences – creating a vision for your birth, why relaxation works, positions for labor, non-medical pain relief techniques: aromatherapy, water, the ball, visualization, breathing techniques & massage & more

Class 3 – Unexpected Twists and Turn

Medical interventions & their alternatives, induction, medical pain relief, informed consent, using your BRAIN, the Cesarean birth

Class 4 – Advanced Comfort Measures

Spinning Babies, TENS for Birth, rebozo, emotionally supporting your partner, labor rehearsal,

Class 5 – The Fourth Trimester

After the birth – caring for the new mother, emotions, your amazing newborn: feeding, soothing & bonding with baby, finding your new normal

All class members will receive a digital copy of the book “Preparing for Birth” by Plumtree Baby & a ½ hour private session with one of the instructors for questions & birth planning.

Chose the start date that allows you to complete the class by your 37th week.

Sign up now for summer sessions May 19 to June 16, and  July 14 to August 11

Currently all classes are held on Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30 Mountain time. If need arises we will add in a 2nd night of the week or Saturday morning classes.

COST: $100 for 5 class series          $30 for individual classes

Impacted by Covid -19?  Talk to us, generous scholarships available.

Our classes are led by Tracy Haroldson, 27 year veteran of chidlbirth education and certified labor doula.

Drop in class guests may include certified labor and postpartum doulas,

a lactation consultant and midwives.

Call  505-274-1540 or email us  at for more information or to sign up.