Our Services & Fees

Care with an ABQ Doula

For the fee of $850 + tax our clients receive:


2 pre-natal visits

full labor and birth support

1 postpartum visit and the following:

  • Personalized prenatal visits to determine your birth wishes, address your concerns, provide you with education, and resources as needed and practice comfort measures
  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support to answer questions and offer support
  • 24/7 access and on-call status for you after you pass your 37-week mark
  • Help to explore all your options and develop a written list of your preferences for your birth so you can communicate effectively with your birth team
  • 100 % continuous in-person physical, emotional, and informational support during labor
  • A postpartum visit to help you get off to the best possible start and celebrate your baby’s arrival
  • Support for your partner to allow them to be more confident and helpful
  • Evidenced-based education about birth interventions and procedures – so you can make your own informed decisions regarding the care of you and your baby
  • Doulas who are trained and experienced in techniques designed to ease your discomfort and to help labor progress as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • A gift bag of our favorite labor supplies for you to bring with you to the birth 
  • A beautiful Mexican Rebozo for use during labor and as a special keepsake of your birth
  • An extensive lending library of books and videos on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and infant care.
  • The use of our OB TENS Units for a labor pain relief and comfort

Some of our beautiful rebozos waiting for pick up in Chiapas, Mexico

Doula services requires $250 down payment in order for us to secure your due date on our calendar.


Would you like to have a doula but are unable to make it fit your budget? ABQ Doulas works as mentors to pre-certified doulas who are not yet charging full price. These new birth and postpartum doulas are fully trained but working on gaining more hands-on experience with clients. They are not members of the ABQ Doula cooperative, but they will receive support and guidance from our doulas. Contact us to be put in touch with an apprenticing doula.


Preparing for breastfeeding before your baby arrives is one of the best ways to get off to a great start! Meet with an experienced educator for a private session to get you off to the right start.


Childbirth Preparation Classes

Need some childbirth education classes but don’t have time to get to your hospital class? Want a class customized for you? Tracy will meet with you for personalized classes, customized to your needs. Teaching childbirth for 20 + years, Tracy will help you learn all you need to know to prepare for your big day.

Private Childbirth classes

 1 session, 3 hours – $150

 3 sessions, 1.5 hours each – $225

Birth Planning Sessions

Perhaps you don’t need full doula services but would like help discussing and writing a birth preferences plan? You can meet with an ABQ Doula for a one hour session for advice, information, and help with your birth plan.

Phone or internet session – $50

In person session -$65