Are you preparing for the birth of your baby? Here’s a handy list of tips that you and your support people can use to help you feel more comfortable!

1. Is music a part of your daily life, does it influence your emotions and help you relax ? If so, make 2 playlists on your phone or music device; one that is calming & relaxing when you need to rest and focus, and another one that is fun & energizing when you need to keep moving or for pushing. Now you’re ready for any mood you need to create!
2. And speaking of moving, rock, sway & dance away! Varying your movement & positions will help you & baby! Moving your body around, trying different positions and staying upright as much as possible can help baby move into the ideal position for birth. Sit on a birth ball and do a hula dance, put your arms around your partner’s neck and slow dance or walk the halls. All of these can distract your brain from discomfort and help create optimum positioning of baby for the birth.
3. Fill a small tub or pitcher with ice & cold water & add 2 or 3 washcloths. Laboring moms love cool compresses! Labor is hard work and a cool cloth on the forehead or neck can be so refreshing.
4. Bring your favorite, soft snuggly blanket from home. Something familiar will help you relax! You can also bring your own pillow. Just make sure they are bright colors or patterns so you don’t leave them there, mixing them up with the hospital white linens.
5. Use the power of water! Soak in a tub or stand in the shower as a proven way to reduce labor pain & relax you. The tub is a great comforter for many laboring women.
6. Make sure you bring a new lip balm. Your lips can get very dry in labor.
7. Bring some mint gum or candy for you and your support team. Stale labor breath is no fun! If your support people munch on sandwiches and drink stale hospital coffee you will not enjoy them helping you with your breathing!
8. Drink water & juice, suck on ice chips or a popsicle or sip on a lemon lime soda. Dehydration is the enemy of labor! Even if you are on an I.V. drinking is very important. Dehydration can slow labor, affect your blood pressure and even affect the baby. So drink it up!
9. Pack a loose robe & slippers so you can walk the halls without flashing everyone with your stylish hospital gown! Or if you’d like, wear your own comfy gown and skip the hospital attire. You’ll feel less like a patient in your own clothes. Don’t forget the slippers or grippy socks too!
10. Take a doula along with you to fully support you during the labor & birth. She will be your personal guide to all things birth & baby! Women who have doula support experience full emotional, physical and informational support, resulting in better birth outcomes and a more satisfying experience. Call ABQ Doulas now to see if we have availability for your due date.